Dunking on the Ceiling

The story so far...

Lionel Richtea was happy living his best life - all day and all night long.

But, say what is happening here? Something’s going on that’s not quite clear…

Lionel is blasted into the underworld of Twisted Disco-Pop where some evil puppet-master LIONOIL is forcing Lionel to battle the bad guys and collect biscuits he needs to dunk his way out.

Do you have what it takes to guide Lionel across the floors, walls and ceiling of the Motown funk dimension?

Object of the game

Work your way through levels of Twisted Disco-Pop, avoid the bum notes, and make sure you have all the biscuits you need to activate the "Hello is it Entry you're looking for?"

Power up by collecting platinum discs that will give you a 'big head' allow you to jump higher and further.

Look avoid the bouncing bad guys, go for the face to take them out!


Use cursor keys to move Lionel through TDP. Jump using the space bar.

Beware of booby trap box they will flip the underworld on its head. Your music might get messed up and you could even find your directions are reversed.


The further you get the more you score. Check out our leaderboard to see where you rank.